Aza Comics Releases Aza Mini’s Kids Line!

Aza Comics kicks off the Aza Mini’s kids line with its first kids book, “Can You Keep A Secret?”, aimed at inspiring tolerance in youth. “I was getting requests to create something for children and after seeing the racial backlash, post-election, I thought it was necessary,” says CEO Jazmin Truesdale. “We have to teach our kids how to work together because that is the only way the world will get better.”

Aza Mini's

The Aza Mini’s kids line features Aza Comics’ main five multicultural female superheroes as children with storylines that teach children about leadership, teamwork, kindness, racial and cultural tolerance, as well as how to respond to bullies. “I want children to learn about different cultures and how to respect those differences…just because someone doesn’t think like you doesn’t mean you should hate or disrespect them,” says Truesdale.

Dare To Be Legendary Program

On March 10th, Aza Comics will also open its Dare To Be Legendary Career Program to the public aimed at inspiring youth into careers in entrepreneurship, STEM jobs, as well as the arts. “Obviously, I’m on a mission,” Truesdale laughs. “I have never been more motivated to do anything in my life. I want to jump start a generation of empowered, knowledgeable youth, especially girls…society desperately needs them.”

Enrollment for the Dare To Be Legendary Career program is available on the Aza Comics website. The “Can You Keep Secret?” children’s book is available in digital and physical format exclusively on Amazon and the Aza Comics merchandise store.

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