The Aza Universe


The Aza universe consists of 7 different realms with infinite planets within each realm.

  • Realm 1 (Oldest realm), also known as the Pangeatic Africus realm, is similar to the continent of Africa.
  • Realm 2, also known as the Arabiatic Realm, is similar to the Middle east and south east Asia.
  • Realm 3, also known as the Asiatic Realm, is similar to the continent of Asia.
  • Realm 4, Also known as the Europeatic Realm, is similar to the continent of Europe.
  • Realm 5, also known as the Indigeneatic Realm, is similar to North and South America pre-colonialism as well as other similar regions of earth.
  • Realm 6, also known as the Milky Way, is where earth is located and is the only planet in this realm that is able to sustain life.
  • Realm 7, is a prison realm with many planets where the most evil of criminals are sent.  The worst planet in this ream is called Haulo where few have committed a crime to terrible as to be sent there.

During the Great War of Aza many people fled to earth in search of refuge which explains the various ethinicities here on earth.