Remero Colston, Illustrator


Remero Colston

I am a digital artist from Detroit, MI born and raised with a degree in Graphic Arts. I’ve been drawing since pre-school but didn’t really get into it seriously until middle school, and completely by accident, lol. Growing up, I can recall always wondering why there were not a lot of characters that I or my sisters could relate to, so I decided that creating people of color would be my focus. Speaking of women of color, Storm (X-Men) was always one of my favorite female characters. She was strong, had beautiful chocolate skin and walked with strength and pride.   For this reason, I have always been a fan of strong leading women in movies, video games, animations, etc. I am very excited to be a part of this great idea (Aza Comics) with all these strong women of color because I pride myself on creating characters that we as a society do not see too often.

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