Meet Amaya

Aza Heroes

An orphan at 10 she has lived on her own making her own way in life. Her ability to open portals allows her to travel to different realms and meet amazing people! She has powers in agility and speed while also being self-taught in various fight styles and weaponry.  She hails from Realm 3 which is comparable to the continent of Asia on Earth.

Residence: Unknown
Age: 24
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’4″
Skills:  Self taught various fighting styles and weaponry
Weapon of Choice: Brass Knuckles
Powers:  Speed and agility; Can open portals
Background: Orphaned at age 10; found by her grandmother at age 16; Grandmother lives in Seoul, Korea
Occupation: Entrepreneur; street hustler/whatever she needs to be to get by
Motto: “Marilyn Monroe was crazy; brass is a girls best friend.”