Meet Adanna!

Aza Heroes

A tomboy at heart, this Mumbai girl can fix anything mechanical. Her powers include super strength and morphic abilities allowing her to change into water, gas, or a solid of any shape she chooses no matter how big or small.  Raised by her father, she is from Realm 2 which is comparable to the Middle East and Southeast Asia on Earth.

Residence: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Age: 23
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 5’7″
Skills:  Can build and repair any machine
Weapon of Choice: Herself
Powers:   Super Strength; shapeshifter; can change state from solid to liquid or gas
Background:  Raised by her father; location of mother is unknown
Occupation: Currently works as a mechanic and has her own autoshop
Motto: “If I want something done right I just build it myself.”