Jazmin Truesdale, Creator/Writer/CEO


Jazmin Truesdale is the CEO, creator, and founder of Aza Entertainment.  She is also the writer for The Keepers series and the editor of every series released by Aza Entertainment.  Often called the ‘superwoman of superwomen’ she created the Aza superhero universe to inspire women to fight for what they want in life.

I wanted to create a superhero universe where there were no limitations placed on how great a woman could be.    —–Jazmin Truesdale

Jazmin speaks English, Spanish and is semi-fluent in Hindi.  “I grew up watching Bollywood movies and telenovelas but I hated subtitles.  Through learning languages I learned how big and colorful the world was.  I try to reflect that in my writing.”

She is also a certified personal trainer and the CEO of Jazmin Fitness with a degree in Exercise Science from UNC-Chapel Hill, a degree in Finance from UNC-Charlotte, and an MBA from Florida Tech.

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