Happy Birthday To Music Legend Janet Jackson

Music legend and Icon Janet Jackson turns 50 today and Aza is celebrating the best way that it knows how.  “I would say that Janet has always inspired me creatively,” says Illustrator of Aza’s first book, The Keepers: Orgins, Remero Colston. “She’s not afraid to change it up for the  sake of her craft and that is a quality I admire.”  It was Miss Jackson’s catsuits that helped him create the style of Thema, Aza Comics’ beloved superhero Queen.

Using inspiration from her latest music video ‘Dammn Baby”, Colston created a tribute piece to honor the legendary performer and her youngest dancers, the #JBabies (Kyndall Harris and Taylor Hatala).

janet jackson 50 dammn baby

Janet Jackson has had an amazing career spanning over 40 years, starting from the time that she was seven and touring with her brothers, The Jackson 5.  She began a solo acting career appearing in such iconic shows as Good Times, Diff’rent strokes, and Fame before emerging as a dominating musical talent in 1986 with her multi-platinum selling album, Control.

janet jackson Unbreakable

Janet Jackson has sold over 160 million albums world-wide making her one of the highest selling female artists of all-time and also one of the most decorated.  She was the first woman to sweep the billboard awards with her album ‘Rhythm Nation’ and currently holds the record for artist with the most billboard awards.  She currently has 5 grammys, numerous American Music Awards, MTV moon men, a vanguard, an oscar nomination and countless other awards for her music and artistry.

Janet’s music videos were game changers for women in the music industry, leading to a new wave of feminism throughout the 90s that has influenced many if not all of the female artists of today in some way (i.e. Beyonce, Rihanna, Tinashe, etc.).




As we embark on this new year we would like to thank Miss Jackson for her contributions to music and wish her well on her journey into motherhood!  Happy birthday and congratulations!

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