Genie & Jase: Aza Comics New Superhero Couple

“It’s not necessarily about inclusivity, it’s about reality,” says Aza CEO, Jazmin Truesdale about the release of Aza’s first lesbian superhero couple.  “I care about making the truest fiction.  The world is colorful and diverse.  I just want to show that in the entertainment that I create.”

Meet Genie and Jase, two characters introduced in The Keepers: Origins, the first book of the Aza superhero universe.  “In the second book, people will not only get to watch these two characters develop but also their relationship is established for their upcoming series.”

Aza Entertainment is becoming known for it’s multicultural female characters and now the company is addressing the LGBTQ community.

Jase lesbian superhero aza comics

Jase is  Amaya’s best friend and a realm hustler.  The nature of her job often puts her morals into question but one thing that is never questioned is her love for Genie.  “Seeing how people respond to Jase’s home planet is going to be interesting.  I based her character off of some articles I had been reading on scientific theories of the evolution of women and chromosomal mutation,” says Truesdale.

genie lesbian superhero aza comics

Genie is Kala’s best friend and she is an Afro-Latina from the Bronx who moved to Charleston, SC when she was a teenager.  She’s loyal to a fault and the ultimate ‘ride-or-die’.  “I was getting a lot of requests for an Afro-Latina character,” Truesdale adds.  “With Ixchel being Native American and Latina, I thought Genie would be an excellent addition to the group. Latinos are incredibly diverse and I want to showcase that.”

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