Jazmin Truesdale Launches Aza!

Raleigh, North Carolina.  NC Businesswoman Jazmin Truesdale ,27, has launched Aza Entertainment and plans to change what you know about superheroes.  The company will develop a new universe of heroes with an emphasis on multicultural female characters.  The characters will be adapted for comics, games, television, and film.  “It’s just time,’ says Aza CEO and serial entrepreneur Jazmin Truesdale.  “The public has been demanding more female heroes and more cultural diversity.  DC and Marvel have created amazing characters over the years now it’s time for the next generation to step up.”

“I’m excited about this project,’ Miss Truesdale stated.  “I wanted to create something that truly reflects the people.  In my new universe everyone will see themselves represented no matter the gender, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.”

So far the company has been getting interest from developers like SparkPlug Games (SYFY/FOX),  comic writers like Ann Nocenti (X-Men, Daredevil), and illustrators like John Royle (Spiderman and Superman), and Gregory Titus (Star Wars) among others. TV and Film adaptations are expected to go into production 2017/2018 with adaptations for Spanish Television which has never been done before.

When asked about whether or not her multi-million dollar production will be competing with Marvel and DC  she said this, ‘Absolutely not!  I don’t see the need to split our audience why can’t our characters work together.”  While info on the first superhero to come from Aza has been kept heavily under wraps Miss Truesdale assures us she is ‘pretty freaking epic’.

Contact Info:
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