Bring Aza To Your School


You heard correctly.  Bring Aza to your school.

Aza Entertainment has developed a program that will give back to public schools and charitable organizations.  “Education is the foundation of our future.  It doesn’t make any sense that there are schools struggling due to lack of funding,” says CEO and founder of Aza Entertainment, Jazmin Truesdale.

The program is called Dare To Be Legendary.  The way it works is that for every purchase of an Aza Entertainment product a portion of it will go to a school or non-profit organization of the buyer’s choosing.  Send a copy of your receipt to Aza Entertainment and the name and city/state of the school/organization to whom you would like to donate.  Anyone can donate but a school/organization can also join the program with added perks.


Every school/organization who joins will receive continuous fundraising from Aza Entertainment as well as internship and volunteer opportunities for students interested in Entrepreneurship and/or the arts.

“We are living in a time when corporations are being more selfish with their profits to the detriment of their workers, consumers, and communities,” says Truesdale.  “This needs to stop.  What’s the point of doing business if you don’t improve the lives of the people around you.”

Are you a school or organization? Sign up here!


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