Remero Colston

Aza Entertainment Signs Remero Colston


Meet Remero, the illustrator for Aza Comics!

After 3 months of private auditions CEO, Jazmin Truesdale has signed illustrator Remero Colston.  “I asked him to illustrate Kala and after one sketch I knew he was the guy,” says Truesdale.  Remero specializes in illustrating women of color which just sealed the deal and was quickly signed to the company.  “His talent is undeniable and we work together very well.  We think a lot of like in terms of design so I’m very happy with this partnership.”

The upcoming digital book is expected to be released in the next few weeks which will tease the new product Aza Comics will be bringing to the industry.  “I am excited about this new product,” says Truesdale.  “Hopefully, I can change the way superheroes are created and marketed to women.”

Read Remero’s bio here!


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